Writers are increasingly involved in the task – and business – of getting their work in print and out to readers. But the course to successful self-publishing is not an easy one.

Whether you want to publish the great American novel, a chapbook of poetry, your family history, or anything else, MWT will help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of self-publishing.

This comprehensive two-day workshop will cover the three most critical steps that will distinguish your book from the masses of books that languish every year.

Revision and self-editing – learn
•    how to prepare a clean, well-edited manuscript ready for publication
•    about front matter and what to include
•    why well-designed page layout will give your book a professional touch

Publishing process – learn
•    how to choose and work with the self-publisher that’s best for your project
•    how to avoid costly decisions or errors
•    how to speak the language of self-publishers

Marketing – learn
•    how to develop a comprehensive and cost-effective plan
•    when and where to implement the plan
•    how to identify markets and readers you may have missed


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