How Bright is that Candle

From Wynn Allen, Madrona instructor, Ph.D., an author with years of experience in domestic and international marketing, communication education, entertainment, and writing;

“Your book is written, maybe almost finished. Great…BUT…if potential buyers don’t know your book is out there, they can’t buy it! “How bright is that candle under the basket?” is an old adage and still a good question. Over the past several years, e-books and print-on-demand books continue to out sell traditional publications, and the outlets are expanding. Traditional publishing is not dead, but now writers who want to become authors have more choices, many more choices…and more demands…to succeed. For most writers the toughest part of the option to self-publish is marketing and it’s too often the most-neglected. The Madrona Workshop Troupe is here to guide and support you!”

Want to learn more from Wynn? Our next workshop is April 21. Looking forward to seeing you there.

About Tom Trimbath

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