Resolutions & Writing

New Year. New resolutions. New opportunities.

I made it to another new year. I have new and renewed resolutions. I am taking advantage of new opportunities. New. New. New. What more excitement can I a writer create for ones self! As I edited the draft of my nearly completed historical novel on New Years Day (versus my other novel I am writing simultaneously — not advised!), I also took the leap into 2013 with resolutions to have 6 short stories out this year and that book of poetry that seems to get sidelined, regularly!

Over the past few years, I have sought creative ways to self-publish, and I kept hearing the echo “you are only limited only by your imagination.” (I was a little worried — could lead me to so many places!) There is a lot of material to sift (shovel) through about the marketing aspects of self-publishing, but having separated the proverbial wheat-from-the-chaff, I have developed creative approaches.

Interested?   I am going to share target marketing approaches and activities that will hopefully lead to profit for your publication!  Remember: if readers don’t know your book is out there, they can’t buy it! 

Come join me along with Tom and Deborah on January 26 and 27 at the beautiful and new Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo. Tom Trimbath will be navigating the way through the self-publishing process based upon his experience as a self-published author. Deborah Nedelman, author, editor and writing coach will focus on the value of the revision and editing process. The complete weekend package for writers wanting to join the huge self-publishing world!

New Year. New resolutions. New opportunities. Contact: or Wynn Allen (me!) at:

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