Less Than A Month Away

Welcome to the days after Christmas, when most people are settling back from a flurry of activity; except for those who are busy returning gifts, hitting the sales, or back at work. As a writer, I rarely have a day when I don’t work a bit. There are so many stories to tell, concepts to consider, and news to pass along. And, as one of the instructors for the January workshop, I’m also looking at the calendar and noticing that the workshop is less than a month away. I guess I will get busy.

(By the way, as far as deadlines go, the early bird deadline is even closer, naturally. Register before January 8th and get 20% off. Hey, it’s a holiday sale!)

2013 is when everything is going to change, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. I think that is true of every year. For us writers and authors though, the last few years and the next few years are a time for the most dramatic changes in the publishing industry. Traditional publishing is fading, or frantically redefining itself. Print on demand was a challenge to the conventional wisdom, and ebooks are challenging everything, even the linear format of a narrative.

About a month ago, (Wow, time does move quickly.) I published my most sixth ebook, Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland. It’s available on kindle, and selling well. For a while it was within the top ten of its sub-genre. Nice. Maybe it will find new heights. From my first ebook in 2002 to this most recent one, the process has become easier, the acceptance has grown, and the potential for the author has the possibility of surpassing other means of publishing.

I don’t know your story. One of the reasons I enjoy the workshops is that I get to meet passionate people and their stories. One of the other reasons I enjoy the workshops is that after two days the stories are much closer to being introduced to the world. No longer do stories have to languish through processes that take months or years. Writing a book takes long enough. Why make the process longer?

January’s workshop will be a good way to start the year. The holidays will be behind us. The wrapping paper, cleared away. The leftovers, eaten. And we’ll be in the prime writer’s season, those months when the outside world doesn’t distract and we can spend time finding those right words and their right order. And probably shuffling them around and trying again. Is writing ever easy?

Less than a month away. A month can seem like a long time, but we know time goes quickly; especially, when there are a few more celebrations and parties to attend.

See you soon. And now I’m inspired to check over my notes, and my sales. (Yes! I just sold another copy of my first book, Just Keep Pedaling. Ten years along and continuing to sell.)

A Corner-to-Corner Bike Ride Across America

A Corner-to-Corner Bike Ride Across America


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