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Madrona Workshop Troupe, a collaborative resource for writers who wish to become authors, offers a two-day self-publishing weekend on January 26 and 27 at the beautiful Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo, Washington.


A great holiday gift for writers you know, or those who know you!


Presented by three local authors:  Tom Trimbath of Trimbath Creative, Wynn Allen of WGA Consulting, and Deborah Nedelman of Soundview Writers.


The three most critical phases of self- publishing will be presented:

 How to prepare a high-quality manuscript

 How to choose and work with a self-publisher

 How to develop and implement a successful marketing plan

The sessions will be supplemented by discussions, activities, and informal consultations to allow writers to interact with the Madrona team and individual presenters.


Simply go to registration to complete your registration form.


The registration fee is $240 with a 20% discount for registration received before January 8, 2013.

Your passionate, creative, and experienced Madrona Workshop Troupe:

Tom Trimbath, an author who has self-published nearly a dozen books states, “Writers are frustrated by fragmented information about self-publishing, They’re looking for help in navigating the process and marketing their books. Madrona Workshop Troupe was created to pull together in one place all the pieces that make a self-publishing project successful, no matter how large or small the project, and to make the product as esthetically pleasing and cost-effective for writers as possible.”


Wynn Allen, Ph.D., an author with years of experience in marketing and entertainment, notes: “Your book is written, maybe almost finished. Great…BUT…If potential buyers don’t know your book is out there, they can’t buy it! Over the past two years e-books and print-on- demand books out sold those in bookstores. Traditional publishing is not dead, but now writers who want to become authors have more choices. For many, the toughest part of this new option is marketing and it’s too often the most-neglected. The Madrona Workshop Troupe is here to guide and support you!”


Deborah Nedelman, an author, editor, and writing coach, focuses on helping you get the word right. “Regardless of where you are on the journey to becoming a self-published author — whether your project is in the formative stages, an idea more than a manuscript, or you’ve completed the third draft — understanding the value of the revision and editing process is essential.” Deborah’s workshop will give you a clear approach to polishing your work so that it can stand out from the piles of unrevised, unedited books that are dismissed by readers. She aims to help you make your manuscript the best it can be.


Additional information is available by contacting the principles: Tom Trimbath at, or Wynn Allen at, or Deborah Nedelman:


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consultant / entrepreneur / writer / photographer / speaker / aerospace engineer / semi-semi-retired More info at: and at my amazon author page:
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