I just returned from dinner with a writer who has published the traditional way (paper). I told him about the 21st century (!) and publishing advantages to go on-line. He had some understanding of that procedure and had searched for an effective site. BUT, when we got to the point as to what to do once he his work was on-line, he said, “I thought that was all I had to do.” Yes, that’s a quote. Well, world, that is NOT all you have to do to be successful. Effective on-line writers (you know, those making money) still need to promote their book! The above writer is just one of many who are on-line with their books or considering being on-line who DO NOT know that there is more to on-line publishing than sending their manuscript to an on-line publishing service!! One still has to market the book. How does anyone  know you are out there? How do they find you? That light covered by a basket doesn’t shine far. PLEASE, for your own sake, join us for the workshop, “Getting the Words, the Process, and the Marketing Right” on August 18 & 19 on Whidbey Island, Washington. There is still time to receive a 20% discount…if registered and paid by August 1. Remember, they can’t buy it if they don’t know it’s there!


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