Getting Ready

Starting to get ready? I am. As next month’s inaugural Madrona workshop gets closer, I am getting closer to Molly and Wynn. We’ve been meeting with ourselves and others (and thanks to those who dropped by and visited). We are all getting to know each other personally and professionally.

Each of us is getting ready and each of us has to change their usual presentation a little or a lot. None of us has covered the entire modern process from writing through marketing in one weekend to one audience. We’ve all covered bits and pieces, and that’s why I am looking forward to what we can produce as a team. What we have to share overlaps enough to complement each other, and none of us has to spend the entire time in front of the group. I’m looking forward to sitting in the back and listening to Wynn and Molly too.

Luckily, we don’t always agree. That’s one reason for the panel discussion on Sunday. One question may get three answers, because for many of these issues there are more than one right paths to follow.

What I call Modern Self-Publishing (e.g. print-on-demand and e-books) empowers writers to become authors. There are many choices. There are many paths. While that many choices may be intimidating, that opportunity is freeing as well. Instead of gatekeepers and guardians like agents, editors, and marketers standing along the process each ready to say “No”, today’s process allows the modern writer to shop, select, and choose. We as writers get to decide where and when to say “Yes” on our path to becoming authors.

Come on. Jump in. Sign up. See you in August!


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