Get the Words Down, Fix Them

When I teach writing workshops, I point out that there are just two rules for writing: 1. Get the words down and 2. Fix them. 

Getting the words down is the easiest part for most writers. This is the creative side of the work. But it’s the “fixing” part that means the most for successful self-publishing.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this link to an online self-publishing review site with some eye-opening reviews of a variety of self-published books. author is an editor herself and, like all of us who edit and/or review, wants to like what she reads.

My editing and revision workshop during the Self-Publishing Weekend on Whidbey will address the problems she’s identified here – and others. You’ll learn why self-editing is a critical step in preparing your manuscript for publication and how to be your own best self-editor.

If you’re serious about your writing, you’ll be serious about your editing as well.


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