A Skylark in a Madrona Tree

Here’s a snippet (slightly edited) from Molly’s newsletter. Like we said, details are emerging.

You may have been surprised to note in the newsletter that Skylark (aka Moi) is affiliating with a couple of other charming and savvy birds (Tom Trimbath and Wynn Allen – see all of our bios) to form up into the new Madrona Workshop Troupe, specializing in help for writers who wish to self-publish.  We’re kicking off with a two-day “Weekend on Whidbey,” August 18-19 in Coupeville, a comprehensive workshop that will cover all the key aspects of the self-publishing game.  Our goal is to advise and inform writers so they can make the best and most cost-effective decisions about self-publishing for themselves.  Tom has been posting some great information about us and what we do on our WordPress blog – which you evidently found. It’s still a work in progress, but you can keep up with us and details unfold  – right where you are now. (Follow or subscribe for updates as they arrive.)


About Tom Trimbath

consultant / entrepreneur / writer / photographer / speaker / aerospace engineer / semi-semi-retired More info at: http://trimbathcreative.wordpress.com/about/ and at my amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0035XVXAA
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